Scheduling Information

Scheduling a program with Class Acts Arts is simple. Call 301-588-7525 or e-mail and we can provide you with any assistance you need, including suggesting the best artist to fit your needs. You can request a program online.

Schedule Program

If you are ready to call Class Acts Arts 
please have the following information available:

  • School address, phone number, and driving directions from the nearest highway
  • Arrival contact and phone number
  • Name/address/phone number to whom the contract will be sent
  • Artist's name and title of program(s) you wish to schedule
  • Several available dates
  • Grade levels and number of attending students and staff. When elementary schools offer assemblies for grades K-2 and 3-5, programs can be tailored to specific age groups.
  • Any special needs audience considerations
  • Performance space: size (width and height) and type of flooring

Go to Artist Roster to find detailed information about each artist including their program descriptions, study guides, fee information and specific stage requirements (tech notes.)

Go to Find a Program to search our program offerings by type, art form and curriculum connections.

For additional information on scheduling a program read our Cultural Arts Committee Basics.