School & Community Programs


Many Class Acts Arts artists offer a variety of workshops in performing, playwriting and visual arts intended to bring hands-on experiences that enhance core curriculum and student creativity. An artist in residence program takes a single-session workshop even further.

Residencies are tailored to the curricular and budgetary needs of individual schools. Artists provide sequential, intensive hands-on workshops to a core group of students over several days or weeks. Ongoing support and participation for teachers and staff is included.

All residencies include an orientation/planning session with teachers to establish schedule, curricular ties, and educational and artistic goals. Performance and playwriting residencies may begin with an artist's performance and end with a culminating event. Visual arts residencies may include an exhibition of students' works.

Call or email Class Acts Arts to discuss our artists' particular workshops and corresponding fees.   

Keep in Mind: Many of our Maryland-based artists are approved for the Maryland State Arts Council's Artist-in-Residence grant program.

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