Our Organization


ethnic dancer with kids

Our Mission

Class Acts Arts engages communities to create interactive arts experiences that inspire learning. 

Our programs and teaching artists offer arts-based learning that motivates and invites participation through performances, workshops, and residencies representing a wide range of artistic disciplines and cultural traditions.

We bring access to the arts to under-served communities throughout Maryland, the District of Columbia, and northern Virginia.

Our Core Values

Artistic Excellence:

We are committed to providing arts programming of the highest quality that is integrated into education and the life of the community, as well as encouraging professional development opportunities for artists.


We respond to community needs and seek to ensure the availability of the arts to everyone, including those with limited access and people with disabilities, by bringing programs to audiences in diverse settings and venues.

Education and Learning:

We believe that education is among the most important building blocks of human growth and development, and are committed to broadening and expanding learning opportunities through the delivery of arts and cultural experiences to the communities we serve. We also encourage ongoing education and learning by our artists, staff and board to ensure program and service delivery that surpasses accepted educational and artistic standards.

Community Building:

We are dedicated to connecting people through shared arts experiences that value differences and celebrate commonalities. We believe that promoting cultural exchanges through shared exposure to the arts not only provides enjoyment, but also creates community and has the power to transform lives.


We are committed to artistic and operational integrity, meeting our commitments to our stakeholders and being responsible stewards of our financial resources.